Who will be cutting my hair?
Hairdoo only hires highly trained licensed professional. You will have the option to choose a license barber or hairstylist.

How soon can I expect my barber to arrive?
Your barber will arrive as soon as 1 hour after you book. 

How can I schedule with the same Hairdoo Artist each time I want a haircut?
Text the Hairdoo line to schedule a reoccurring time slot with your Hairdoo Artist. 

Where does Hairdoo operate?
Hairdoo operates in most Greater Los Angeles Areas.

What are Hairdoo's hours of operations?
Currently Hairdoo’s customer service line is open from the hours of 7am-11pm.  

What's the cost of each haircut?
Please visit hairdoo.co/pricing for additional information

How can I request more then one haircut at the same time?
With Hairdoo we encourage multiple bookings. Please text us your arrangements & Hairdoo will gladly set a customized group experience.